Mole Lake Band

Under the provisions of the 1934 Reorganization Act, 1,745 acres of land were purchased for the Mole Lake Reservation. This area lies in southwestern Forest County, near Crandon. In 1930, a roll had been taken in the Mole Lake area and 199 Indians were determined to be in this band.

According to tribal history, these Indians had been promised this land by a treaty signed with Franklin Pierce. This agent, who was to confirm the treaty and secure the land for them, drowned on his return trip from Washington. The tribe, to this day, actively pursues any knowledge or document to support their claim to the original treaty lands.

Today, the Sokaogon Chippewa Community continues to harvest wild rice and spear fish in traditional ways. And now, utilizing state of the art technology, they continue to protect the resources of their environment for future generations. The tribe continues to use its money wisely by investing in cultural preservation and restoration projects, environmental planning of their resources, education of their community members, and social programs that enhance the general health and welfare of the Sokaogon Chippewa Community.